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YES ! It is also a powerful tool to earn money. Just give your Write ups' links in the video description there and you will find more clicks IF your VIDEOS are unique, special and interesting !

I think peace at SOUL makes our mind more calm and body healthy too.

Sound mind , sound body and peaceful soul >> A perfect Combination.

I am living in Shandong , north eastern province of China since last three years . Shan= 山 ( Mountain ) , Dong= 东 ( East )

Shandong Map ( Source : Research Gate )

It is a wonderful place to live with scores of mountains , as the name suggests !

Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan: Yes, this is the new name of Taliban led Afghanistan. What does it mean for South Asia in particular and the world in general? This article will shed some light on it.

Historically Afghanistan has been the hotbed of warlords and warriors. Wars are in the bloodline of Afghan people. Ghaznavi and Abdali are the two most prominent warriors of this land. …

No doubt the 2030 Agenda of United Nations is the most ambitious ever human kind plan to revamp the world for better .

The United Nations has defined 189 Targets and 232 Indicators for the total of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). …

Tax evaders are the biggest criminals of Pakistan. Those auditors who are acquaintances in this crime must be hanged. The resource pool of taxes is stagnant or depleting every year due to these criminals.

Pakistan is not a beggar country just because it lacks resources. We are dependent on donors like WB and IMF because we are NOT using our existing RESOURCES to their full potential.

There is a vicious collusion in between the ELITES of Pakistan. Be it Politicians or Judges or Generals or Businessmen , see the dilemma . All plundered Billions mostly by evading TAXES .

Glocal citizenship !

Yes, You read it right! It is not a GLOBAL citizenship.

Today in this multi layered Globalized world, wherein every citizen is connected to other thanks to the social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Instagram and many others; The spirit to work on Local solutions…

Shoaib Kahut

Economist by profession ; Activist at heart

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